This Commonwealth Bank ad campaign was designed to emulate Commbank's existing advertising standards. Selling Commbank's car insurance, the first print ad uses the companies call to action, "Commbank Can" though applies it to a new concept. 

Created whilst attending Macleay College

Jack Shepherdson-Combank Ad 1.jpg


This print ad employs Commonwealth Bank’s familiar “Commbank Can” slogan, though through the application of new copy and a new concept.

The ad’s playful yet simple concept, paired with equally playful copy sit cohesively with the clean yet accessible layout, perfect for executions in print, outdoor or online.

Jack Shepherdson-CommBank Ad 2.jpg


This is an anti-ad, listing Commonwealth Bank's insurance coverage features as negatives, when in reality, they are entirely positive.

When creating an anti-ad, copy has to be written very carefully to ensure the correct tome is achieved, thus the intended message. By using a tongue-in-cheek, relaxed tone, similar to DDB’s 1950’s Volkswagen ‘Lemon’ ads, achieves a tone which places Commbank on the front foot, giving them a psychologically perceived edge over competition.

The ad relies solely on this carefully crafted, light hearted copy to persuade readers into understanding Commonwealth Bank's service, the headline drawing the target market in.