Barang Divan is to become Sydney’s premiere whiskey & cigar bar. Situated on the Lime Street in Barangaroo, Sydney, Barang Divan will open in late 2019.

graphic design

Barang Divan Logo - Green.png

In preparation for the opening of Barang Divan, I was tasked to conduct a complete branding rollout for the bar, including a logo, business cards, membership cards and menu.

situated amongst the best bars in Sydney, Barang Divan’s logo had to be contemporary and expertly designed, though match the bars 20th century english aesthetic; think mahogany and chesterfield sofas. This was achieved through the logos colour palette of green and gold, the logo appearing gold leafed in the majority of its executions. Barang Divan’s logo speaks of its traditional routes, yet doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb against its contemporary competitors in Barangaroo.

Barang Divan Favicon.png

Barang Divan’s Favicon similarly conveys the brands heritage aesthetic, yet strives forward as an example of contemporary graphic design.

business cards

Barang Divan’s business cards, like its logo, speak to the bars old fashioned charm, gold leafed and printed on thick parchment-like card stock. The cards, not only a wonderfully high quality business essential, the cards clean, restrained design clearly conveys information as quickly as possible.

Barang Divan Business Cards.jpg
Barang Divan Business Cards2.jpg

membership cards

Being a private club, Barang Divan will be open predominantly to members, thus creating the need for membership cards. Barang Divan has two tiers, platinum and black memberships, each with their own membership cards. Barang Divan’s membership cards are printed on steel cards, containing RFID chips granting access to the bar. both share similar, minimalist designs, differing in colour. Barang Divan’s black membership tier cards are also individually numbered.

Barang Divan Membership Cards.jpg
Barang Divan Membership Cards2.jpg
Barang Divan Membership Cards3.jpg
Barang Divan Membership Cards4.jpg