This week I’d like to discuss what is for my money, the greatest TVC ever made, Doyle Dane Bernbach’s astounding Volkswagen Funeral ad. The cherry on top of DDB’s ground-breaking Volkswagen US rebrand of the 50’s and 60’s.

It’s perfect; nothing more to it. For starters, this ad perfectly encapsulates Volkswagen’s USP throughout the DDB campaign: intelligence, subtlety, honesty and simplicity all rolled up in a candid delivery. The copy for this ad is breathtaking, serious yet humorous and overall realistic. Somewhere in a Madison Avenue ad agency a copywriter sad down and crafted this copy, the skill to do so is beyond belief. The concept is astounding, tackling the delicate topic of a will and wealth is something everyone can understand and relate to, further drawing the viewer into the story being strung.

I’d love to sit here and describe this ad further, but that’s it, three facets; USP, copy and concept and the ads away. It excels in its pure simplicity by perfecting those three areas. To me, this is the greatest ad of the greatest ad campaign of all time, an ad that still sells cars over 50 years later. Want proof? It’s the reason I bought my first car; a Volkswagen.