Through the never-ending onslaught of car TVC’s constantly bombarding us about the new Mazda 2, the majority of which goes in one ear and out the other, we never see TVC’s for supercars, though there is good reason. McLaren and Ferrari aren’t going to put expensive media buying into their marketing plans when they can market their niche cars for relatively no money in comparison through reviews, social media and product placement, not to mention seeing them in ads daily would make them less exciting.

That may be the case for pure performance car manufactures, though it leaves car makers such as BMW, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Audi in an interesting position, producing everyday cars and supercars under the same marque. Having supercars at their disposal, these brands have incredibly effective marketing tools to sell not only the supercars themselves, but by association their everyday cars. Audi distilled this down to a fine art a couple years ago with this fantastic Superbowl ad featuring their mid-engined R8.

Despite the rather questionable dubbing, this ad is fantastic, that’s how you sell a supercar; no nonsense, just an open road and a tad over 600 horsepower to play with. The Apollo program theme appeals to both Audi’s older buyers who remember it nostalgically and its younger buyers who see it as a great feat of human achievement. The Bowie tune playing over must have brought a tear to the eye of those who saw the ad at Superbowl 2016, only months after The Starman’s Death.

If where honest though, this isn’t really an ad for the Audi R8; it’s an ad for Audi. This ad may have shifted one or two R8’s off the showroom floor, but its real role is to increase brand awareness around Audi and its technological achievement, hoping the average consumer will appreciate the trickledown into the car they might buy.

Whilst that might be the rather sad case, as long as Audi are taking the time to create such beautiful, soulful advertising as this I think it’s safe to say the petrol head within me will be more than happy.