Our neighbours to the East are a funny little country. New Zealand jettisoned themselves onto the international map with the starring role in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, though in the intermittent decade slump the nation have no choice but to revitalise their global image. They’ve got the initiative, and have had numerous attempts at reinventing their countries global image through advertising, and none have been as successful as Air New Zealand.

The countries primary carrier, Air New Zealand are world famous for their clever, tongue in cheek safety videos and advertising riddled with jokes at their own expense; In my eyes, the best of the best being this 2017 Christmas ad:

What makes this ad so funny is the Kiwi’s are brave enough to crack jokes at their own expense. Instead of hiding behind the global opinion of their funny accents, Air New Zealand owns it, and are good enough sports to chastise themselves over it.

Air New Zealand are far from the only ones, Lynx had a crack at employing the quirky Kiwi sense of humour earlier this year with Julian Dennison from ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ helming the ad, all to veracious success:

Even when accepting the shadow Australia casts over New Zealand, they’re still game enough to crack a joke about it.

Even the New Zealand government have jumped onboard the nations clever advertising trend, NZ Police putting out this fantastic recruitment film in late 2017:

Filled with clever fourth wall breaks and chocked with their classic dry wit, this ad is unmistakably Kiwi.

We all love a bit of self-deprecating humour, not only does it provide a good laugh, in this execution it makes sure the rest of the world doesn’t take New Zealand too seriously. If New Zealand want to sell their nation, their biggest asset are the people. They’ve already sold their beautiful landscape through the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, the only option remaining is for the Kiwi’s to sell themselves, which is exactly what they are doing in these fantastic ads.

It seems New Zealand are well on the way to carving their countries new international path as a funny little nation never to take as face value, and if they continue producing ads as clever as these, more power to them.