How do you sell snake oil? To the majority of the population, life insurance falls into such a category, and selling it is no easy job. The majority of Australian life insurance TVC’s are pretty basic, most consisting of a consumer being enlightened over the phone about how cheap coverage is. It’s pretty dry, and not to mention lazy, resulting in just another commercial added to the pile to ignore. This one, isn’t that.

Ok, first of all, what an incredibly moving ad. Made in 2014 for Thailand’s largest life insurance company, Thai Life Insurance, the ‘Unsung Hero’ ad is like a breath of fresh air in the continually dull life insurance category. Its unique, moving, beautifully made, and above all rings true. Of course, with any insurance ad consumers are expected to take a leap between the ad and the product itself, and this is no different. I’d argue the leap from the ads premise to life insurance is a little too far, though in terms of increasing the company’s customer base, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t successful.

What makes this ad so touching is the concise use of reaction shots. A good dramatic director knows what creates drama isn’t the events themselves, it’s how characters react to them. Not only do we see reaction shots of both characters and objects (such as the pot plant), the ad is able to establish multiple complex, emotional characters all without dialogue.This is a masterclass in both filmmaking and insurance advertising, to which Australia should take not. We are capable of life insurance ads as powerful as this, we just need the initiative.

I’ll leave you this week with another Thai ad, an ad with the most ridiculously stretched USP I have ever seen.